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Young unaccompanied asylum seekers in the camps in Calais reunited with their families in the UK


As part of their work with young unaccompanied asylum seekers living in the camps in Calais, Islington Law Centre (ILC) has successfully reunited one young person with their family in... Read more

Child Refugee wins the right to be re-united with their parents


The Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI) has successfully represented a child refugee in their appeal, before the Upper Tier Tribunal at the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal, against... Read more

Successful challenge in the Supreme Court to the ban on students loans for migrants who are lawfully present in the UK


Just for Kids Law (JFKL) has successfully intervened in a challenge to the 2012 Education Regulations which removed entitlement to students loans for migrants who did not have indefinite leave... Read more

Legal Aid Lawyer of the year awards for SLF grantees and expert panel member


The Strategic Legal Fund is delighted to announce that a member of our expert panel, along two of our current grantees, were amongst those honoured at the 2015 Legal Aid... Read more

Successful challenge to the lawfulness of the Detained Fast Track


The Migrants' Law Project and Detention Action have successfully challenged the lawfulness of the government's Detained Fast Track system in the High Court and the Court of Appeal. In response... Read more

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